Reporter Steps In Front Of The Camera But The Horse Has The Crew Howling In Laughter

Horses are often described as being majestic, beautiful and intelligent creatures. And that’s all true. But I think there’s one quality about horses that often gets overlooked or unnoticed. You see, horses can actually be extremely funny when they want to (and when they don’t want to).
And nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below.
In it, a reporter is trying to record something for the news at a stable, but as he was trying to do his stand-up, one of the horses there decided he wants his 5-minutes of fame right there and then. My guess is that the horse somehow managed to figure out the reporter was talking about him, and just wanted to make sure he doesn’t say anything inappropriate or not true.
That’s because every time the reporter tried to get a word out, the horse would stop him by either nudging, nibbling or bopping him. Meanwhile, the camera man could barely hold the camera straight from laughing so hard.
Luckily, he managed to get the whole hilarious interaction on video. It’s impossible not to laugh looking at this footage, but you can go ahead and give it a shot!

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