Recovering Dog, Once Near Starvation, Now Thriving in Foster Care

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Recovering Dog, Once Near Starvation, Now Thriving in Foster Care | Witness the incredible transformation of Pumpkin, a neglected dog rescued by the South Suburban Humane Society in Illinois. Discovered in September in a severely emaciated state, Pumpkin’s journey from despair to hope is nothing short of a miracle.

CEO Emily Klehm described Pumpkin’s condition as an “extreme case,” emphasizing his inability to walk and dire need for immediate attention. Heartfelt photographs capture the dog’s skeletal frame, portraying the immense challenges he faced. Swift action by veterinarians provided vital fluids and grooming, marking the beginning of Pumpkin’s path to recovery.

Despite a challenging start, Pumpkin’s progress became evident after being placed in foster care with a dedicated shelter employee. The shelter shared on social media, “Thankfully, we got him into foster care, where he is starting to improve and stand on his own again.” While Pumpkin’s journey to health remains ongoing, the shelter expressed immense pride in his resilience and daily progress.

Though visibly thin, Pumpkin is gradually gaining weight, and the South Suburban Humane Society eagerly anticipates further improvement. The dog’s history is unclear, but the shelter plans to make him available for adoption once he receives medical clearance.

Describing Pumpkin as needing a home that understands his severe neglect, Klehm emphasized the dog’s unfamiliarity with basic dog experiences. An experienced dog family is recommended for Pumpkin, who is currently thriving and adapting in his foster home.

Pumpkin’s past neglect is indeed heartbreaking, but his recovery and weight gain bring hope. We look forward to witnessing Pumpkin’s continued journey towards a loving forever home when he’s ready!

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