Raccoon forms sweet friendship with orphaned fawn, gives her lots of hugs

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It’s always heartwarming to witness friendships that transcend species, and one touching video captures the loving bond between a fawn and a raccoon, who found solace in each other after losing their own families.

Carrie Long is the caretaker of a nonprofit sanctuary for orphaned deer, aptly named Texas Fawn and Friends. While deer are her primary focus, her rescue also extends its warmth to a friendly raccoon named Jasper.

According to The Dodo, Jasper’s story began when he was just a few weeks old, left alone in a rainstorm after being abandoned by his mother and barely clinging to life. Carrie shared, “We weren’t sure he was going to make it.”

Jasper, having experienced being orphaned and rescued, not only finds joy in playing but also takes on a caring role for the orphaned fawns arriving at Carrie’s sanctuary. It’s as if he’s paying forward the compassion he received by looking after these deer.

A particularly special bond developed between Jasper and a fawn named Hope, who joined the sanctuary shortly after Jasper did. Hope’s story involved being taken in after her mother was found dead on the road, and Jasper, in his unique way, extended his friendship and care to her.

Carrie shared that in their friendship, Jasper takes on the role of the more affectionate one, while Hope exhibits patience and acceptance, enduring Jasper’s hugs with grace.

“Jasper is kinda like that irritating little brother that you just gotta put up with him. And he has just become very infatuated with Hope. When he sees her, he runs and jumps on her, and she just deals with it,” Carrie explained to NBC. She admitted that she was surprised by the video’s popularity and only realized Jasper and Hope had become viral sensations when her daughter pointed it out.

The heartwarming friendship between these two orphaned animals has captured the internet’s affection, and many hope that Jasper and Hope continue to be friends for years to come.

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