Puppy Who Spent Entire Life in a Crate Rescued from Roadside

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While chatting with his wife over the phone, Roger noticed a puppy stranded in the right lane of traffic. Reacting swiftly, he pulled off to the side of the road, and the dog, sensing help, promptly made its way over to him.

The little pup seemed to have endured a tough ordeal, covered in ticks and fleas and visibly exhausted. Finding solace, he curled up on Roger’s lap and drifted into sleep. Roger quickly got in touch with his wife, organizing a prompt visit to the veterinarian.

To their astonishment, the vet delivered some startling news— the pup, now named R2, likely spent his entire life confined in a crate, leading to the development of flat feet. In response, Roger and his family embarked on a daily routine of taking R2 for walks on uneven surfaces to gradually strengthen his paws and counteract the effects of the malformation.

In the video Roger mentions he wasn’t sure about what R2’s breed was so he sent away a DNA testing kit. The results of the DNA test? R2 is mostly Staffordshire terrier and American Pitbull terrier.

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But one viewer corrected Roger, telling him, “No, you’re wrong, he’s 100% purebred good boy!” to which Roger heartily agreed, “I stand corrected.”

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