Puppy brings a Buddy to a Restaurant where He gets given free Meals!

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“Hey, don’t forget, if you can’t take them in, at least give them a little something to eat,” is the mantra echoing among the staff of this restaurant, known for its scrumptious offerings and heartfelt concern for stray dogs.

This beautiful connection unfolded organically as dogs, drawn by the tantalizing scents, found their way to the eatery’s doorstep, hoping for a kind soul to share a meal. Such displays of resilience are commonplace in Ecuador.

Among the regular canine visitors is Blacky, a familiar face often seen enjoying meals at the restaurant. Yet, in true canine fashion, Blacky rarely ventures alone; he often brings along a furry companion in need. Admirably, he shares his food without hesitation.

Sharing their story on social media, the restaurant staff exclaimed, “One of our patrons brought along a friend for a meal, embodying our belief in extending hospitality to street dogs. ‘If you can’t adopt, feed them’.”

Spreading love, one paw at a time 🐾♥️🐾

The name of Blacky’s companion remains a mystery. Therefore, the restaurant staff turned to social media, inviting suggestions for a suitable name. Whatever name is chosen, it’s bound to bring many shared meals and cherished moments for both furry friends.

Hats off to the restaurant staff for their kindness in feeding not just Blacky, but his companion too…

Here’s to your restaurant bustling with patrons, and here’s hoping they both find loving forever homes!

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