Puppy Adoption: Why It May Turn Out to Be the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made


Is puppy adoption a good idea or not? If this is a question on your mind right now, then you are definitely in the right place.
Many people who decide to welcome a pet turn into their families buy them from the mall or a breeder, but it’s far better to adopt them from an animal shelter. There are many compelling reasons to adopt your new best friend.
For starters, you’ll actually be saving a life. Many animal shelter throughout the country are overcrowded, which means many animals actually get euthanatized because they don’t find a home in time.
Not only that, but adopting a puppy means the shelter will have more available space to help another abandoned animal they find on the street.
Another important reason why you should consider puppy adoption is related to puppy mills. If more people would adopt rather than buy animals, puppy mills will simply run out of business, because there will no longer be a market for selling animals.
It’s no secret that puppy mills keep dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, and don’t provide adequate veterinary care for their canines. Nor do they give them enough food, water and socialization opportunities.
By adoption a puppy, you make sure you are not supporting this practice.
And if these reasons are not enough to make you consider puppy adoption, maybe this last one will. You see, adopting a pet is actually a lot cheaper than pets you can purchase. Dogs that are in shelters have been vaccinated, sprayed and neutered, which can all amount to significant savings for owners in the long run.