Neighbor opens his door, sees toddler who’s been missing for 2 days has been protected by a pit bull


After 36 hours, officers and the family were close to giving up hope – but then a neighbor called the police and reported a strange sight in the yard.

When come to unusual situations, people are pretty good at dealing it. History proves it. Police keeps neighborhoods safe, while firefighters and paramedics ensure any accident results in minimal loss. Communities became so bonded when facing unfortunate circumstances. Still, sometimes a special touch is needed.

In rural Kentucky, Beth Campbell’s lapse in judgment spurred some news that sent the entire town into a frenzy. When the large community of volunteers, firefighters and police were about to give up, an unexpected hero stepped in.

On June, 2018, Charlee wore bright blue pajamas, peppered with pictures of characters from the animated film, Frozen, and, at about 10 a.m., during her grandmother’s moment of vulnerability, she wandered off from the property on Winding Hollow Lane.

And like this wasn’t enough, the property was flanked by woods, fields, and hills, make it impossible to spot a baby. The family’s pitt bull Penny, had also wandered off the property. It’s when her mom alerted the authorities.

Because nothing brings a small town together like a desperate situation,  police officers, firefighters and a lot of volunteers grabbed together in their try to locate the missing duo.

Locals Eric and Leanne Wilson had never met Charlee—but they helped anyway. What if that was our child?” Eric Wilson, left, said. “We’d want everybody that was possibly able to help us come out and find our child.”

About 36 hours after Beth reported Charlee, Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell, below, said authorities planned to “backtrack” possible routes Charlee could’ve taken. But before they could, Beth, who’d been at home praying, saw something outside her home…

Outside the window, Beth saw Penny running toward her. The pit bull didn’t have Charlee at her side, but relief washed over Beth nonetheless. Beth didn’t know it, but right about the time Penny showed up at her house, a neighbor just a few blocks away, Wayne Brown, received a surprising visitor of his own.

Charlee just walked onto Wayne’s back porch, still wearing her Frozen pajamas!  After he gave her some water, the man alerted the authorities who brought her to the local hospital.

After rushing to the hospital to greet Charlee with her favorite stuffed animal, the Campbells started putting the story together. And every theory had a special hero. “This is our hero right here,” Beth said of her pit bull Penny. She believed the dog protected Charlee during her entire time away from home. Together, the two survived in amid the tick-ridden brush and the summer heat, until Penny led Charlee home.

Charlee “is our life, our life revolves around her,” Beth said. “I just couldn’t imagine my life without her, and I don’t want to.”

“I can’t believe she survived it,” the sheriff said. “There’s coyotes in them hills. There’s copperheads and rattlesnakes and ticks—all the elements.”

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