Pit bulls attacks an old lady in her garden, and the cat saved her life


97-year-old Sophie Thomas was out in her garden, pulling Dandelions, when she was suddenly attacked by four vicious Pit Bulls that somehow managed to make their way into her garden. The dogs surrounded her, and Sophia knew she was in serious danger.
She started screaming for help hoping one of her neighbors would hear her and come rescue her from the attack. And someone did come to her rescue, but you would never believe who it was.
Alarmed by her owner screaming, Tiger, the cat, rushed out to see what was going on. The brave feline stood up against all four Pit Bulls and ended up saving her owner’s life. The cat jumped up in front of Sophia, and even though a small cat is no match for a Pit Bull, Tiger managed to get the dogs’ attention.
The dogs were distracted by Tiger which gave Sophie enough time to get back inside her home to safety. The cat remained outside, and Sophie worried the cat might not be able to make it out alive.
Luckily, Tiger returned home after a few hours without any injuries. It’s not every day you get to hear about a cat showing four Pit Bulls who’s boss, so make sure to share this with all of your friends online.