Parents Expecting New Baby, Build Room Under Stairs That’s Lighting Up the Internet

Most of the people who are also dog owners see their canine friends more like legitimate members of the family than pets. So it’s only fitting that dogs should get their own space in the home they live in, right?
Well, the owners in the video below decided to do more than just buy their canine a comfy pillow to sleep on. They actually build an entire room under the stairs for him, and the result is lighting up the Internet.
Decorated with furniture suitable for dogs, the room featured in this clip has everything a pup could ever wish for – and then some! Toys, a super comfortable bed, even a doormat that says “Welcome;” these are all things meant to please even them most demanding dogs.
But before you jump to the wrong conclusions, this room is not meant to spoil the pup. The dog actually has anxiety when it comes being around lots of people, so his owners wanted to make sure he had a space where he can have his privacy. Now, whenever the owners have friends and family over, the shy dog has this great space he can go to when he feels overwhelmed and anxious.
Take a look:

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