Owner Tells Bull Mastiff to Go to Bed, What Happens Next Is Pure Comedy Gold!

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One of the things I disliked most when I was a kid was being told to go to bed. I didn’t always feel tired when my parents decided it’s bedtime, so I would always put on quite a fight just to try and convince my mom and dad to let me stay up for a few more hours.

Well, needless to say my effort was mainly in vain. Most of the time, I would lay my head on the pillow thinking I’m going to stay up anyway but end up falling asleep within minutes. But after watching the hilarious video below, I figured out what I was lacking. I wasn’t determined enough.

The Bull Mastiff in the clip, on the other hand, has come to master the art of defying his owner when the man tells him it’s time for bed. The adorable pup has clearly no intention of pleasing his owner and call it a night. And the dog’s way of expressing his feelings is downright hilarious.

So if you need a good laugh just about now, this is definitely the video for you. I’ve never seen a dog act so stubborn ever before, have you?

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