Owner left with $20,000 vet bill refuses to let dog die, raises money to save her life

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How far would you go to save your furry friend’s life? For countless pet owners, the answer knows no bounds. They’d scrounge up every penny, even facing steep vet bills, just to ensure their beloved companions stay alive.

Recently, a man found himself grappling with a staggering $20,000 vet bill to save his cherished dog. He was even contemplating selling his house to make it happen. However, a stroke of luck intervened.

Meet Jaxon Feeley from Wigan, England, the owner of a 2-year-old Weimaraner named Rambo. Last month, Jaxon faced every dog owner’s worst nightmare as Rambo suddenly fell seriously ill.

“She began vomiting throughout the night over 30 times, and by Saturday morning, we were in the emergency vets,” Feeley wrote. Rambo had entered hypovolemic shock and was also dealing with gastroenteritis.

The dog endured several days in intensive care, and while her condition improved, the mounting medical bills became a cause for concern.

“Rambo’s insurance has covered her up to £6500. Her bill is now up to £11,500 after 1 week in care,” Feeley shared. He expressed uncertainty about the duration of Rambo’s stay in the veterinary facility, where intensive care costs around £1000 per day. Feeley acknowledged that if Rambo required major surgery, along with the subsequent aftercare, the expenses would be substantial.

Despite the overwhelming financial burden, Feeley emphasized his unwavering commitment to ensuring his beloved pet receives the necessary care. He declared that he would go to any lengths, even contemplating selling his own home if it meant providing for his little baby girl.

“There was no way in hell I was ever going to give up on this gorgeous girl; she is just a little baby with a desire to live and be happy with her big brother Rocky and the Feeleys,” the devoted owner wrote.

Fortunately, selling his home wasn’t necessary, all thanks to the kindness of strangers. Jaxon Feeley created a GoFundMe account, sharing Rambo’s story, and the response was beyond his expectations.

The fundraiser surpassed all hopes, raising over £25,000, more than doubling the initial goal of £10,000.

Even more heartening news followed: Rambo’s condition continued to improve to the point where she could finally return home. In a February 4 update, Feeley shared, “Over the last 3 days, Rambo has pulled off a miracle, hour by hour she has increased her oxygen efficiency, started eating and drinking, her lungs are slowly recovering, and we started to see that beautiful little personality resurface. She got herself into a little routine of seeing me for 10 minutes every 4 hours that she even knew what corner of the waiting room to find me in.”

Feeley and Rambo are now back home, and the generosity of strangers ensures that they have the means to cover any care Rambo might require.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am for everyone’s love, support & donations over the last 2 weeks. It genuinely means more than you will ever know,” Feeley expressed his gratitude.

The unwavering dedication of this owner to ensure the well-being of his dog is truly inspiring. It underscores the incredible lengths people are willing to go for the sake of their beloved pets.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who stepped forward and contributed to help Rambo! Feel free to share this remarkable story of compassion and community support.

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