Older Man Finds Bird’s Feet Frozen to Pipe. His Ingenious Rescue Went Viral Overnight


Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, not all birds migrate to warmer places in the winter. Some stick around to face the dropping temperatures and the freezing cold with the rest of us. But unlike us, birds have little means to stay warm during the winter.
And as adorable as a little bird wearing a long jacket and hat might look like, the reality is that many of these birds have nothing but their feathers to keep them warm. And sometimes, that is just not enough.
It was the case of the bird in the video below. The poor thing would have most likely frozen to death if it hadn’t been for this kind man to come across her and save her. Believe it or not, the bird’s feet were actually frozen to the pipe where the man found her, so the rescue mission wasn’t an easy one.
However, it was a successful one thanks to the man’s ingenious plan to rescue the poor bird without causing her any harm whatsoever. Watch the clip to see the clever plan in action, and if you are as impressed as we were, share it as well.