Mom Sets Up Camera When Tiny Puppy Keeps Escaping. Captured Footage Is Hilarious


Unlike other animals in the animal kingdom (cats, I’m talking about you), dogs actually have each other’s back. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the adorable video below.
In it, a loyal German Shepherd can be seen helping his pal, a cute Maltese puppy out of the kennel where the owners put her for a while.
The owners just couldn’t figure out how Sophie the puppy made her way out of the kennel every single time they put her there, so they decided to install a camera and find out what was going on.
That’s how they learned that it was actually a team effort and their German Shepherd was the one opening the door to the kennel to let Sophie out. It’s probably because the German Shepherd just wanted his play buddy back.
No matter the reason, it’s pretty clear that this is one smart dog. The German Shepherd not only figured out how to operate the latch on the kennel, but also figured out it was easier if he took the towel off as well.
This is definitely something you need to see to believe, so go ahead and take a look.