Mom Gives Dog Treat. But It’s the Dog with The Toy That Has the Internet In Laughter

If you have ever had a dog, then you know they have many wonderful qualities that make them well worthy of being named man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal, compassionate and kind. Not to mention the fact that they are playful and always seem to be in a good mood.
But, if you ask me, one of the greatest things about dogs is their generosity. Unlike other pets (cats, I’m mostly referring to you), dogs are willing to share. Whether it’s a toy or a treat, canines have always seemed more willing to not keep something they love just to themselves.
And nowhere is this more obvious than in the adorable video below. In it, two beautiful dogs take turn holding a toy while the other receives a treat from their owner –and it’s one of the cutest displays of patience and discipline I’ve seen in a while.
The best thing about this clip is how much in sync the dogs are; like they’ve been practicing this for months and months in a row.
This is just one more reason to love dogs, so if you have any friends who are big dog-lovers, then don’t forget to share this with them as well.

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