Meet the ‘White King’ – a majestic white moose that roams the Sweden’s forest


Mother Nature is perfect in so many ways. And the rarest its creations are, more fascinating become. It is also the case of these incredible moose that use to live in the Northern Europe forests.

Also known as the the White King, this elusive, mysterious creature is thought to be a Spirit Moose from the ancient mythology. Although sightings are extremely rare, it is estimated that around 100 white moose are roaming the mystical forests of Värmland, a region in Sweden.

Despite they’re entirely white, these ghost-like moose are not albinos. While the albinism is a rare condition that leads to the lack of skin pigmentation and pink eyes, in this particularly situation another rare condition reportedly known as peibald makes those animals to grow white furs. According to National Geographic, peibald is “a recessive gene that causes the animal to grow white with specks of brown.”


While albinism occurs very rarely and has nothing to do with the genetical background, in the white moose case, the rare condition is pass on as they continue to reproduce and thrive.

A couple of years ago one of these rare creature was caught on camera and the breathtaking footage soon went viral with people completely fascinated by its eye-catching beauty.

In the last years more and more of these, once extremely rare and elusive, moose have been spotted. And not only in region of Värmland, but in Canada and Alaska as well.

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