Meet Jonathan – the 189yrs old tortoise photographed in 1886 and now


Human beings usually outlive most animals! However, there are still plenty of exceptions and the tortoises are one of them. Believe it or not, these reptiles are able to reach up centenary ages. So, today we introduce you a nearly two centuries old fella!


Everybody, Meet Jonathan, a 189-year-old giant tortoise who’s currently the oldest known living terrestrial animal in the whole world. Jonathan who currently lives in the Island of Saint Helena, Seychelles, and resides with the governor at the Plantation House is thought to be hatched back in 1832. This truly remarkable age gained him a honorable spot in the Guinness World Records as the oldest-known land animal alive.


While is quite to presume his age, what’s very interesting about this Seychelles giant tortoise, is that he was even caught on camera more than a century ago. The first photo of Jonathan was taken back in 1886. Therefore, it is really exciting to see how ages have passed over him with literarily no impact over his looking. Needless to say  that the tortoise was already around 54 years old when that photo was taken.

Despite his old age, the famous Jonathan is still full of energy and acts as a youngster. Nevertheless, doctors have noticed sings of aging. According to them, his sense of sight and smell are getting weaker. Therefore, to keep his shape on, Jonathan has a very strict diet. Dr. Hollins feeds him with special food with higher calories on a weekly basis he doesn’t eat enough vegetable anymore.

Here’s a photo of Jonathan taken in 1902 and it’s great to compare it with the one taken nowadays!

Jonathan (left) with caretakers back when he first landed to the island | WIKIPEDIA

Watch the video bellow to see this adorable creature enjoying a bath!

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