Meet Max , a 40lb spoiled Canadian lynx

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Naturally, wild cats are seen as ferocious and dangerous creatures. But very often, they’re nothing but gentle giants. In fact it doesn’t matter how fierce they look, they all have that kind, friendly nature. Needless to say, they never say no to a cuddle session. After all, once a cat, always a cat!

Such a lovely, friendly, yet wild feline is Max, a Canadian lynx. Known for its role as an educational animal ambassador, the 40 pounds cat always has some time for a scratching, even with its full schedule. The adorable wild cat was born in a zoo, in 2011. Therefore, he had always interacted with human beings. However, according to his take carer he’s not completely domesticated, but not wild either. Unfortunately, due to it, he would never be able to roam in the wild. But that doesn’t stop him from being a very spoiled cat.

“People always ask if Max could be released into the wild and the answer is no. Once an animal is born in captivity and been introduced to humans, they cannot be released,” Max’s caretaker, said.

Though he’s different from the domesticated cats who use to live with their human parents, Max do live in an indoor enclosure. His human mom, who used to be a zookeeper, makes sure he gets everything he needs. They also captured all the funny moments on camera to share them on Youtube where Max is quite a sensation. But all with the purpose to educate the people on how to protect and conserve the wildlife and this endangered species.

“He’s not a pet but an animal ambassador. He has been in the public since he was 8 weeks old educating and enlightening people. We really need to stop and think about what we do to our environment. We need to slow our population down and consider our carbon footprints. We need to protect our land and oceans,” Max mom wrote on her blog.

(h/t: Wildlife Education by Bernie | WildlifeBernie)

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