Massive Hogzilla Caught on Camera Raiding Elementary School Dumpster

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A massive feral boar and its brood were caught rummaging through the dumpsters behind an elementary school. While parents from the Hong Kong school expressed concern for their children’s safety, the activists argue that the boar is doing nothing wrong.

“Wild boars have been demonised by hunters, local media and people who misunderstand them. In fact, if you don’t provoke them, they will not attack you. They are actually afraid of people,” animal rights activist Roni Wong told the Hong Kong Free Press.

Wild boar are native to that area. But in the past few years their natural habitat has shrunk due to urban sprawl. So now they are spotted really often in urban areas. While the authorities put their efforts to find a solution, activists like Wong encourage the population to co-exist with the wild animals.

Don’t call the police. Give space for them to leave. And enjoy the encounter,” he said.

“Many people misunderstand that coexistence with wild pigs means spoiling and hugging them,” explains activist Ying Ho. “All we are asking is to respect wild pigs as members of the community. If you see them, don’t chase them away. They will return to the woods. We can coexist peacefully.”

“Some people think wild pigs are cute and can become pets. They feed and visit them – I think this has crossed the line,” Wong explains. “Our role is to tell people that it is enough to respect wildlife. We don’t need to portray them as cute and increase contact with them, as this will only harm them and make them reliant on us.”

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