Massive 900lbs bear won’t go to sleep until he gets his belly rubs

This rescued Syrian brown bear acts just like a little puppy, every-time his human carer approaches him. Even though they are seen as extremely dangerous and highly unpredictable animals, especially in human presence, these massive beasts are such gentle giants, and Jenny is one of them!

Orphaned Wildlife Center

Leo is a 24-year-old bear who lives at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, a rehabilitation center for orphaned bears in Otisville, New York, alongside other rescued bears. Here, these giants get the love and comfort they’ve never had, with bedtime routines as belly rub among their very favourites, especially for Leo. But with such devoted caretakers it could not had been otherwise.

Watch the heartwarming moment here:

The place is a true heaven for neglected bears. Founded by Jim Kowalczik and his wife Susan, back in 1990, the center helped and rehabilitated dozens of bears. However, some of them remained here, because they would not have make it in the wild. But Jim and Susan, and Kerry Clair who also helps run the orphanage, always made sure gentle giants get all the care and love.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

The four permanent residents – two Kodiak bears and two Syrian brown bears – not only get belly rubs before getting to bed, but sometimes, Jim even accompanies them, just to make them feel more comfortable. People like Jim, Susan and Kerry – always ready to go above and beyond, for the seek of these animals – are the heroes we all need in this world!

Here how. regular day at the Otisville wildlife center looks like

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