Man Writes Poem About Why ‘God Made a Dog,’ And It Has the Internet in Stitches

Dogs make our lives better in so many different ways. They shower us with affection, they love us unconditionally and make us laugh with their silliness whenever we feel a bit down. They let us dress them up in all kinds of weird costumes they don’t need and never complain about it.
They wait up all day for us to come back home, and when we do, they wiggle their tails and jump in our arms to show us just how much they’ve missed us. Dogs are truly a gift sent from above, and a true blessing
To honor the many wonderful things that dogs do to bring joy and bliss into our lives, and also show that God had something special in mind when He decided to create dogs, someone wrote a witty poem called “God Made a Dog.”
If you’ve ever had a dog, then many of the lines in this poem will resonate deeply with you. You’ll be able to relate to many of the actions and behaviors depicted there. Also, you’ll get a good laugh in as well.
All in all, this is a fun, clever poem that anyone who loves dogs will be able to appreciate.

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