Man tells his dog to ‘play dead’ on national TV. Dog does so in hilarious fashion


There’s nothing better than teaching your dog a new trick and showing it off in front of your friends and family. Unless your friends and family are watching your dog do the trick on national TV.
The proud owner of the dog in the video below can brag about showing off his dog’s incredible skills at David Letterman’s show. His pup, Bailey the beagle, has an extraordinary talent that would make many dog owners jealous. Bailey has come to master the art of playing dead, and it can perform this trick from any position.
Yep, you read that right. Bailey doesn’t even need to be put down to the ground to execute this trick to perfection. This definitely takes the classic play dead trick that we’ve all tried with our dogs at some point or another to a whole other level. It’s definitely not something any dog can do. In fact, chances are you never saw a dog do anything like this ever before.
The dog’s hilarious ability will definitely put a smile on your face. I think we all need more of that, so make sure to share these adorable images with all of your friends and family online.