Man saves duckling and releases her in the wild. Then she flies back and refuses to leave him


When it comes to pets, you will be hard-pressed to find a pet that is more loyal and loving that a dog. However, the goose in the video below is definitely giving dogs a run for their money.

In all fairness, Kyle the goose most likely thinks she’s a dog, judging by the way he acts. The goose follows her owner everywhere he goes, just like a canine would. They have an incredible bond now, but their friendship started in a very peculiar way.

Mike Jivanjee, of Oregon, was enjoying a day out on his boat when he noticed there was an animal in the water that seemed like it was in urgent need of getting help. The poor little gosling was rejected by her parents and abandoned.

That gosling was Kyle. After rescuing her, Mike had every intention of releasing her back into the wild. But Kyle just wouldn’t leave, and stayed by Mike’s side ever since. Now, the man says Kyle is his best friend and that he can’t imagine life without her.

What’s more, with over 64,000 followers, Kyle is even a star on social media. “She is a celebrity everywhere,” said Mike about his usual pet!