Brave man forces past firefighters and run through flames to rescue his dog from a burning house

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A man in South California defied the firefighters warnings and run through the flames to save his dog after a massive fire started into his home.

Jose Guzman could declare himself a very lucky guy after he escaped alive from the burning house. But the man said he has no regrets and if it’s going to  happen he would do it again.

“I knew something could’ve happened to me or both of us, but it didn’t go through my mind at the time,” Jose told PEOPLE. “That dog is part of my family. She’s been with us through downs and ups and I couldn’t leave her there. I would do it again if I had to; I would do it for anybody in my family.”

Jose was enjoying a barbeque at his parents’ house with his wife and their three little girl when they all heard about a fire alert in the neighbourhood.

“I didn’t think it was mine because we had just left the house about an hour ago, but I decided to get in my truck and drive over there,” Jose explained. The fire did started at his neighbor’s house, but his home was also engulfed in flames.

Without thinking about the risks, the man just passed through the firefighters and run into the flames to save the family’s dog, Gabanna. “I wasn’t gonna let her like that,” he explained.

“When I ran through curtain of fire where my van was and fence, I didn’t know what was behind that, decided to come here anyways. I knew my dog was here, I knew she was here. I ran through here tried to stay in the middle, this was going, this was on fire, couldn’t see anything.

All I wanted was to get my dog, I came in here, I didn’t hesitate, I just… I had to get her, she’s part of the family, “Guzman told to ABC10 News.

Credit: Nisco Guzman

The dramatic rescue was captured on camera by Guzman’s landlord’s son-in-law, Adam. Since then, the video has gone viral with dog-lovers around the world showing their appreciation for Jose’s decision to risk his life for the love of his dog.

“I thought he’s a goner. The flames were hot and I couldn’t imagine running through those flames. That was it, that was the last time I’d see him,” Adam told PEOPLE. “When he came running out with the dog, it was a big relief that he was alive and brought out the dog at the same time.”

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

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