Man risks his life by jumping into freezing cold canal to save drowning deer

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A 27-year-old man from United Kingdom is hailed as a hero, after he jumped in freezing waters to save a baby deer from drowning.

Mark Headon, who works as a painter and decorator in Gainsborough, was driving to the next city to pick up his daughter when he spotted something unusual in the canal near the road. He stopped the car and he soon realized there a deer in the waters, fighting for its life. Then, without a second thought he jumped into action. 


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“Madness just driving past the canal in Saxilby [Lincolnshire], and saw some ears in the water. ‘We got out and saw it was a baby dear struggling to keep its head up. It was seconds away from drowning must have been in there for hours. Marc jumped straight in and saved it,” Marc’s colleague, Jamie Toyne told the Metro.

I was driving to pick up my daughter when something caught mine and Jamie’s eye in the canal. I thought it was a fish as we do a lot of fishing, when we realised it was a deer.

I noticed it was struggling and close to drowning, so without thinking I jumped in and pulled it to safety. Jamie helped me get the deer out and helped me out. I carried it to the top of the bank, where we wrapped it in blankets and tried to calm it and keep it warm, as it was near a busy road,” Mark told the LADBible.

Then, the two heros took the scared animal to a friend’s home, where they took care of it until Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust  showed up.

“We took it to a friends nearby, where we fed and watered it, waiting for it to come round. We waited for the Wildlife Trust to come pick it up and take it to safety which they did after an hour or so, and informed me that we had saved the baby’s life and thanked us for what we had done,” Mark said.

The initially video with the rescue was shared on Facebook by Mark and it quickly went viral, with more than 600,000 views in a couple of hours.

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