Man rescues stray puppy who was found living in an old shoe

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Surviving as a stray dog is undoubtedly tough. These dogs, without a home, must navigate the streets in search of food and shelter, fending for themselves in a challenging environment.

The hardship becomes even more heart-wrenching when the stray in question is just a young puppy. Imagine a tiny dog, left to manage on her own, finding solace in an old shoe. Fortunately, when one compassionate rescuer came across this vulnerable pup, he took it upon himself to offer her a new chance at life.

Goran Marinkovic, hailing from Serbia, is a dedicated individual committed to aiding the stray animals in his community. Currently providing sustenance for over 100 strays, Goran selflessly funds this significant act of love from his own pocket.

“I save animals that are endangered, that live on the street. I take care of animals because I love them,” he shared with Bored Panda. “I feed abandoned animals on the street that are not getting food from humans and have no owners. Their numbers are constantly rising.” Among the animals he has assisted, one puppy discovered in March holds a special place in his heart. When he stumbled upon the tiny, lone puppy, bravely fending for herself with only an old shoe for shelter, Goran knew he had to make a difference.

Goran discovered the puppy amidst a pile of discarded items when he heard her cries. Recounting the moment, he shared with The Dodo, “Passing a narrow pathway, I heard crying coming from the rocks. She was cold, hungry, and thirsty. I had food, so right away I gave her salami.”

Observing the surroundings, Goran noticed the absence of a mother or other puppies. It became evident that the little pup was entirely on her own, and he doubted her ability to endure the elements much longer, especially with only an old boot for warmth.

Fueled by compassion, Goran made a heartfelt decision to lend a helping hand to the dog, a gesture she gratefully embraced. “She was exhausted,” Goran recalled. “She knew that I might be her only chance, so she lay down and surrendered to fate.”

As reported by The Dodo, Goran gave the stray puppy the name Coco, and once she was out of harm’s way, he discovered her vibrant, cheerful personality and her friendly nature with people.

Determined to find Coco a permanent and loving home, Goran took to social media to share her story. The response was overwhelming, with numerous adoption requests pouring in. Eventually, he identified the ideal home for her in Germany.

Goran maintains regular contact with Coco’s new family, receiving heartwarming photos that capture the dog’s growth and transformation since last year. Currently, Coco is on a journey, traveling alongside her newfound family.

Coco’s story has a wonderfully happy ending, but Goran’s commitment to helping strays is far from over. He plans to persist in caring for as many strays as possible, aspiring for outcomes similar to Coco’s.

“For me, every rescued dog from the street finding a home is a victory,” he expressed to The Dodo.

Being willing to step up and assist stray animals requires genuine kindness. We’re delighted that Coco has found a loving forever home—her journey from living in a shoe is truly remarkable!

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