He raised a gorilla and 6 years later it meets his wife in a touching encounter

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We all heard of John Damian Androcles Aspinall. He is an English businessman with a great fond of animals, especially gorillas. Known as the world’s most famous conservationist, Mr. Aspinall runs The Aspinall Foundation, an organization what’s fighting for gorilla’s conservation.

Trying to protect this species, the foundation’s job is to help reintroduce captive gorillas back into their natural habitats. So, when Damian Aspinall decided to introduce his wife to the gorillas he raised, he never knew how they would react.

The conservationist raised many abandoned gorillas. So as he spends years among these animals, he has also studied, learned from, and formed inseparable ties with the gorillas. More than one hundred orphan gorillas were able to return into their natural habitat because of Mr. Damian and his foundation efforts.

Among others animals he was taking care of, there were two gorillas, Djalta and Ima, Damian has raised until they were 12-year-old. After he hadn’t seen them for years, the wildlife protector decided to pay them a visit. He also wanted to introduce his wife, Victoria to his old friends.

However, he was aware that his wife did not have the same history working with wild animals, and he had some worries about how Djalta and Ima would react to a complete stranger. Although, there were chances the gorillas wouldn’t recognize even Damian, since it has past almost six years from their last reunion. But even animals remember an old friend and the gorillas welcomed him back with open arms.

But how they would react in Damian’s wife presence? Victoria started her approach very careful and respectful. Gorillas accepted them both and even started playing with Victoria like she was a member of their family. And with this experiment, Damian actually proved that wild animals can also create emotional bonds with humans just like domestic animals.

Watch the heart-warming moment bellow!

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