Loyal dog chases ambulance to stay by his homeless owner’s side


In a heartwarming demonstration of loyalty, a tiny dog was caught on camera chasing an ambulance in a desperate attempt to stay by the side of his human companion who fell sick!

YouTube/Correio Braziliense

Both the little puppy and his human, are living on the streets, so they only have each other. However, the dog named Spike shows a remarkable sense of loyalty, after his young owner has been taken by an ambulance. Shortly after picking up an ill homeless from the streets of Taguatinga, Brazil, the crew on the ambulance have noticed a dog is been desperately following them. The poor little soul was so concerned by his companion’s situation that was willing to risk his own life to try to keep up with the ambulance.

YouTube/Correio Braziliense

“In 19 years of this profession I have never witnessed such a scene,” emergency worker Celiosmar Ferreira told the newspaper Correio Braziliense. “We were touched and concerned about the safety of the animal, who could be run over.”

The emergency crew had no idea the dog that is been following them is actually the best friends of the man they were carrying. But they realize it, once they made a stop on their way. “When we stopped the car at an intersection, he came to stand in front of the ambulance,” Ferreira said. “It was then that we decided to pick him up.”

YouTube/Correio Braziliense

The dog immediately jumped in and he looked very concerned about his friend well-being. Once they arrived the hospital, the faithful dog did not left his human side. Fortunately it turned out was nothing serious regarding the young man’s medical condition, so shortly after he and his four-legged friends were able to leave.

YouTube/Correio Braziliense

The young man may not live in the best conditions and he doesn’t have any of material wealth, but he’s definitely richer than many with such a friend! Watch the tiny dog’s journey, bellow:

h.t: thedodo

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