The ultimate lovebird: Stork flies to the same rooftop for 14 yrs to be reunited with its crippled partner


A stork is melting hearts as it returns to the same rooftop every year, for the last 14 years, only to reunite with its crippled partner. The incredible faithful bird, named Klepetan is flying more than 5,000 mile every year for the love of her soulmate.

It all started back in 1993 when Klepetan’s mate, Malena got injured after being hit by a hunter. The bird had been found lying in the mud by Stjepan Vokin, a school teacher from Slavonsky Brod, a small community in Croatia. The kind hearted man fixed its wing and took care of her. He even built her a nest on his roof. It was there when Klepetan first spotted her, 14 years ago and since then their love story is incredible.


While Klepetan spends the winters in South Africa, his soulmate is enjoying the warm of Vokin’s home. As the teacher declared, the bird is already part of the family. However, every year in early of March they got reunited to the excitement of the locals.

Every season, the pair bring up chicks and after they raise them together, the male is teaching the to fly and then he’s leading them to South Africa.


The locals are so excited about their famous lovebird and they’re all waiting the early of March for Klepetan to return. So far, the oldest recorded living stork was 39 years. However, the locals are hoping this special relationship to live much longer.


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