LOL! Watch This Puppy’s Epic Fails as He Tries to Conquer the Stairs!

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You know how they say that as long as we live, we learn? Well, the adorable puppy in the video below sure has a lot more to learn in his life. But then again, he also has a very long time ahead to do so.

As it is for most puppies out there, each day comes with a new learning opportunity for him. With every day that goes by, he knows more about the world and how to navigate it. With the help of his loving owners, everything is a lot easier.

Still, he hasn’t yet figured out the whole stairs thing and how exactly they work. The stairs are simply not designed to keep up with the pup’s extraordinary energy. So every once in a while accidents like the one shown in the video below happen. The good news is that the gorgeous little Lab is a pretty tough fellow and has the stamina necessary to learn from his mistakes.

As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth the watch. So take a look and also make sure to share these images with all of your friends and family online.

Sharing is caring!