Lioness caught on camera protecting wildebeest baby

While the animal kingdom frequently offers very odd friendships, this is by far the most bizarre wildlife moment I’ve ever seen. In the kind of moment that only happens once in a lifetime, a lioness was caught on camera showing affection to what it normally should have been her supper – a wildebeest calf!


The short footage, initially shared on Twitter by Tanzania National Parks, shows a fragile wildebeest baby walking next to a massive lioness through Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. As it turned out, the wild feline didn’t just spared the helpless calf, but she also protected it and even more, she guided it to safety, back to its heard. This is a highly unusual behavior, especially when it comes from the world’s fearless predator.


The lioness’ decision to protect the hopeless creatures, instead of hunting it down baffled everyone. But the only explanation is that her maternal instincts proved to be far stronger than her predatory instincts.

“Wilderbeast walking along the Lioness at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania,” the video caption reads. “This is possible when maternal instinct overides predatory instincts!”

Watch the incredible scene below!

As incredible as it might sound, this isn’t the first time a lion shows affection to a wildebeest. A few years ago, a lioness was filmed taking care of a newborn wildebeest calf just like it was her own baby. The moment, part of the wildlife documentary Surviving the Serengeti gained millions of views on social media.

You can watch the moment here:

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