Lion and lioness caught on camera arguing in the middle of the road

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A short footage of a lion and his lioness arguing has recently went viral and it is pretty easy to understand why. The couple got into a fight in the middle of a road, in the Gir National Park in Gujarat, India and the moment was caught on camera.

The video, initially shared on Twitter, immediately sparked interest among users, since it is impossible not to see the similitude between their argue and every couple’s life. After all, it really proves all couples are the same.

The moment, was captured on camera by Zubin Ashara, a wildlife enthusiast and photographer. “The Royal affair,” he called the scene and it couldn’t had been more accurate. Nevertheless, it is unclear on what they had this intense debate, it must had been something pretty serious judging by their intimidating loudly roars.

We may call him the king of the jungle, but in this particular situation and perhaps in the life couple, the lion doesn’t seem to be too much in charge. In fact, the loudly lioness seem to bring him to terms immediately. Needless to say, when the argue seem to come to an end, she has the last word, too.

Watch the hilarious footage, here:

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