Kind priest helps stray dogs to find homes in most adorable way


They are known as the man’s best friend for the incredible loyalty and love they share! But despite being the most incredible creatures on Earth, there are still hundreds of million of homeless dogs all over the world. So, in order to help them out, this kindhearted priest in Brazil, decided to share back a little of the kindness that dogs show us, every single day.

Father João Paulo de Araujo Gomes find an adorable and so inspiring way to help the stray dogs in Gravatá, Brazil to get adopted. What a better way to show your love and kindness, then helping those in need? Guided by his mission as a priest and animal lover as well, Father Gomes started to bring the helpless dogs of Gravata into his church with the hope they’ll get adopted.

“Some volunteers came to me selling cookies to help a project with stray animals,” the kind priest told The Dodo. “I gave them time during masses for the advertising of the cookies and then I started to participate in the projects of this NGO.”

However, the kind priest is not just offering shelter to these helpless creatures, but he also provides them food and medical care. More than that, he also opened his home’s doors for the abandoned dogs. “I began to adopt some animals who had been [treated unwell..] always with the support of volunteers,” he said.

With the help of the local volunteers, Father Gomes has created special places outside the church where dogs can feed themselves and drink water. Needless to say, the church’s doors and his home’s doors as well are always open for any homeless animal.

“What I do is just a drop of water in the face of the magnitude of the problem,” Father Gomes said. “I wish I could welcome all the animals, but we work with many limitations. Everything I do depends on volunteers and volunteers who help me, so it’s not my merits but those people’s, too.

“Caring for animals and nature as a whole is a great gesture of love for God, humanity and the planet. We need to develop the perspective of compassion. Too much violence, too much aggression and accusation, diversity becomes the scene of war and struggle, and compassion is the only remedy, ” the father said.