Instead of Spending $15, 000 on German Shepherds, Police Are Adopting Rescue Pit Bulls

There is no denying that German Shepherds are the common choice when it comes to canine police officers. And it’s really no surprise why. First and foremost, this breed of dogs is easy to train. They can easily respond to commands. Also, they are athletic and agile, which makes them an incredible asset in police officers’ work against criminals who might be resisting arrest.

But although German Shepherds are an excellent addition to any police department, that doesn’t mean other breeds of dogs shouldn’t be given a chance. North Carolina is among the first states in the United States that are willing to give other breeds of dogs a chance to make a name for themselves as members of the K9 department.
North Carolina’s Clay County Sheriff’s Office made the decision to adopt rescue pit bulls instead of spending money on German Shepard. Not only was this a wise decision from a financial standpoint, but it also gave a second chance to a bunch of canines like the ones you see in the video below to lead a better life.
If you ask me, it’s a win-win situation. What do you think about North Carolina’s initiative to adopt rescue Pit Bulls?

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