Incredible photos show the inseparable bond between a gorilla and her newborn baby

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A series of heartwarming photos show a western lowland gorilla bonding with her newborn baby in a beautiful display of mother-baby love. The baby, which is yet to be named, was born six days ago at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

The little one’s overprotective mother, named Frala, is proudly cuddling with her offspring as it climbs to her. Since the baby and its mom are inseparable, its gender wasn’t revealed yet. In the earlier days after getting birth is crucial for the gorilla babies to stay as close as possible to their moms. Firstly, the mother’s body heat keep them warm and secondly a very special connection is up to be formed.

“Mum is still being very protective and keeping baby very close to her, so people are getting quick glimpses but mum doesn’t want to show it off too much just yet,” Lisa Ridley, gorillas zookeeper told Daily Mail Australia.

“When they’re born they stay with mum for quite a while for warmth, protection and most importantly food. They have got a really strong grip as soon as they are born, which is the easiest way for Frala to move around and collect food.”

Although Frala is still very reluctant, even with her keepers, let alone visitors, the staff at the zoo is very confident she will do a great job as a mom, since she became mother for the 3rd time now. Anyway, after all, a mother cannot be blame to be too protective with her baby.

“Some are more relaxed and let their baby venture out much faster and some are more protective – just like humans,” Ridley added.

h.t: MailOnline

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