Watch homeless man celebrating his dog’s birthday in viral video

This is the absolutely adorable moment, a homeless man in Colombia was captured on camera celebrating the birthday of his dog. Video of the two was shared online and the internet was completely taken by storm!

José Luis Matos, also known as Choco Aventura, is a homeless man living in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Despite his circumstances, Choco is a truly happy man, and recently proved it by celebrating the birthday of one of his beloved dogs.


In a now viral video footage, Choco can be seen sitting on stairs with his two furry companions, both wearing party hats, as he sings “Happy Birthday” and cuts a slice of cake for each of them. This sweet moment shows that true happiness comes from the heart and not from material possessions, and Choco’s love and compassion for his dogs is truly heartwarming!


The moment, filmed by a passer-by, initially unfolded on Instagram. “He is “Choco”, a street dweller from #Bucaramanga,” wrote the person who filmed the beautiful moment. “He has always been seen accompanied by his furry ones. It is for people like him that we must change this unjust society.”

You can watch it here.

Fortunately, this moment changed the lives of Choco and his two fur friends. Not only the locals, but animal lovers from all around the world were inspired by the video, and decided to help them. They got clothes, food for the dogs and even a cellphone for Choco. But most important, the man found a job thanks to his viral moment!

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