Hippo lets out world record fart and we can’t stop laughing

This funny video of the hippo’s super fart was seen more than 25 million times. And that’s over 25 million people who ‘enjoyed’ watching the loudest and longest fart in the history of the animal kingdom. And as the description of the video says, “If farting was an animal Olympic event, the hippo would surely hold the gold medal.
Now you know why the zoos place signs saying, ‘splatter zone’ next to these giant animals.
The comments about the hippo farting and flicking the poop all over the place are even more hilarious as one of them says, “That’s not a fart, that’s a shart! Lmaooo.” Another says, “this is actually something hippos do in defense… probably didn’t like the large crowd of people and tried to make them go away.” And if that’s the case I guess what he did served its purpose as a girl can be heard saying, “mom, I think we are done here.”
Below is the video of the hilarious hippo who made us all smile for the most bizarre reason.

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