Hilarious moment a horse plays with a squeaky rubber chicken

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The reason we love animals so much is they’re sometimes acting in hilariously ways, brighting even the worst days. Even though we’re used to see dogs and cats producing amusing scenes, apparently horses are pretty much the same.

And despite, horses are majestic, gallant creatures, known for their physical strength and handsome looking, they recently showed they can be internet sensations too. And this horse in Australia is definitely a show stealer.

While for most of the people the sound of a rubber chicken is more than annoying, this hilarious footage shows nothing but the opposite. Kruzah – a one-year-old Australian horse accidentally received a squeaky rubber chicken and the result put the internet in laughter. But the story behind the adorable footage is even more impressive.

According to the owner Debbie Barber, Kruzah was born a ‘dummy foal’ – a condition where horses are born starved of oxygen. Shortly after he was born, Kruzah had swelling around his brain and he forced to have a total blood transfusion. Thankfully, now he’s in a perfect health condition.

Given the difficulties he has been through, it is so satisfying to watch Kruzah playing and enjoying the life the way he does. After all is no wonder the hilarious footage of him playing with the rubber chicken gained millions of views all over the world.

“We had no idea Kruzah’s video would make such an impact and are truly happy he has made so many people smile,” owner Debbie Barber wrote in a Facebook post. “This beautiful character Kruzah brings light and smiles when we need them, no anti depressants needed when he is around.”

h/t: YouTube

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