Hikers find scared, injured lost dog on trail — go the extra mile to get her to safety

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It’s always heartening to witness individuals going above and beyond to rescue animals in need. Such was the recent case when two hikers discovered a lost and frightened dog on a mountain trail, demonstrating extraordinary compassion to ensure its safe return home.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared the story on their Facebook page. According to their post, two hikers were exploring the trail at Colorado’s Meyers Ranch Park on November 19 when they encountered the dog, seemingly abandoned without its owner nearby.

The dog appeared distressed and had suffered injuries. Despite their best efforts to comfort the dog, one of the hikers attempted to carry it down the mountain. However, in its fear, the dog bit the hiker.

Undeterred by the setback, the hikers remained resolute in their determination to ensure the dog’s safety. While one hiker stayed by the dog’s side, the other, despite being injured, descended the trail to seek medical assistance and notify authorities of the dog’s whereabouts.

Upon receiving the call, Jeffco Open Space Rangers and Animal Control Officers promptly responded, accompanying the injured hiker back to the location of the dog on the trail. Remarkably, one of the rangers recognized the dog from a lost dog poster previously displayed in the park.

The fact that Nova managed to survive alone and injured for such an extended period is a miraculous feat in itself. The heartwarming reunion that ensued was made possible solely because of the hikers’ exceptional efforts to rescue the dog and provide necessary assistance.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared this uplifting tale just ahead of Thanksgiving, emphasizing their desire to spotlight acts of kindness demonstrated towards a lost pet.

“We extend a special thanks to everyone involved in facilitating Nova’s return home!” they expressed in their post.

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