Heroic surfers spent hours to rescue stranded baby whale

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Six hours of heroic, selfless behavior by these kind surfers can not be repaid. All to rescue an exhausted whale stuck in the mouth of a small river in Boca Barranca, Costa Rica. When the men arrived on the scene, it is safe for me say that their chances were slim indeed! But then again every chance was given new life when this group gave up all their time just because someone needed them too much.

It was very early in the morning when Mauricio Camareno and his buddies were hurrying to catch the waves, yet a strange noise draught their attention. The source of it wasn’t too far away, so the group decided to investigate. When they got closer, they immediately realized it was a baby pilot whale in desperate need of help.

“She was very weak and unable to keep afloat, Camareno told the local news outlet, Amelia Rueda.

The men forgot about their surfing and they all jumped in to save the poor creature. Initially, they carried her calf across open water but eventually realized it was too tired so Camareno and his friends stayed by its side until tide came back around again.

It took nearly six hours until the marine creature regained her strength and the water was deep enough for her to swim back in ocean. All this time, these heroes kept the baby whale afloat so she can breath and they put water over her to protect her from the sun.

Fortunately, after so many hours, the surfers great efforts paid off as the whale find her way back in the ocean, to reunite with her family. None of this have been possible without the kindness of these men!

Watch the moment, here:

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