Wild horse has touching reunion with his soulmate after years apart

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This is the heartwarming moment a wild horse reunites his girlfriend, after more than two years. But none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t these nice people at the Skydog Sanctuary, whose full-time job is to rescue mustangs.

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Usually uncommon in the animal world, wild horses (and a few other more species) have lifetime partners. That’s why they share some incredibly strong family connection. It is why this reunion was so emotional, after all!

A snap was the starting point of this happy ending story. The photo shows the gorgeous Phoenix – a wild stallion – escaping from a catch in a dramatic fashion. Impressively, after he managed to set himself free, the mustang returned to help his soulmate Ghost who remained captive there, with other wild horses.

Clare Staples – CEO of the Skydog Sanctuary – was scrolling down Facebook when notice the dramatic photo, initially shared by American Wild Horse Campaign. The woman was so impressed by it, she promised herself do to anything in her power to reunite the two horse. A pretty difficult mission, though!

Clare and her devoted team initially tried to adopt both horse, but unsuccessfully. “They let us know that both Phoenix and his female companion will eventually be released back to the wild which we were happy about,” the woman wrote. Yet the chances of releasing them got lower by the day.

The Dodo/Youtube

Nearly a year after, Phoenix was still captive and even worse, Ghost was nowhere to be found. Clare eventually found out, the mustang may not be released back in the wild after all. It was then when she applied to adopt the stallion. Though she succeeded, Clare was still sad she could not reunite Phoenix with his soulmate.

“I wanted to give him back the freedom he so desperately wanted the day of his capture,” she told THE DODO. “I always looked for his mare and never saw her. We open the trail door and he ran out…I always felt like there was a little bit of loss with him…”

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But when you’re determined to do things and never give up, there’s always a reward. And Clare knew it. So thankfully, after more than two years she and her team have done the impossible. They finally reunite Phoenix with Ghost! Naturally, the moment the two majestic horse have seen each other after years apart was so emotional.

“To my amazement almost two years after the roundup I spotted Ghost on the Internet Adoption and immediately bid on her to reunite her with Phoenix,” Clare said. “We are so happy that she [Ghost] is back with her family and that they get to live out their lives together now after all they went through.”

Watch the beautiful moment they reunite, in the video bellow!

Featured Image Credits Skydog Sanctuary

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