Heartbroken dog won’t stop staring at this photo and when we realize why, we can’t stop crying

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Anyone who’s ever shared their life with a dog understands the depth of the bond, the unwavering loyalty, and the pure love they offer.

In a touching story that exemplifies the profound connection between humans and their four-legged companions, we meet Greka, the pitbull, and her cherished owner, Delvia González, from Mexico.

Greka, like many pitbulls, was a friendly and affectionate dog who adored meeting new people. Yet, there was a special affection in her heart for González’s mother, also named Delvia. While González went to work, Greka stayed home with her 70-year-old mother. What began as occasional dog-sitting quickly blossomed into an inseparable friendship. Delvia, 70, and Greka became constant companions, spending their days playing and reveling in each other’s presence.

“They kept each other company and always spent time together, playing fetch with the ball, and when they grew tired, they’d snuggle up to watch TV together,” González shared with The Dodo.

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As Delvia’s health declined due to diabetes, a condition that can affect vision among other things, Greka sensed her owner’s needs and became her faithful companion.

“Whenever my mother felt unwell or experienced fluctuations in her glucose levels, Greka would alert me and remain by her side. She always lay at her feet wherever she went,” González recalled.



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As Delvia’s condition worsened, with her sight nearly gone, Greka’s presence became indispensable. She stood steadfastly by her “grandmother’s” side until Delvia passed away a few weeks ago.

“When my grandmother was taken to the emergency room, Greka was the first one to enter. She was visibly distressed and worried about her,” González recounted. “We wanted Greka to understand that her grandmother wouldn’t return, so on the day we laid her to rest, we brought Greka to bid farewell. We brought her close to the coffin. She cried profusely and trembled with sorrow, but she understood that her grandmother was now at peace.”

As often observed, dogs mourn the loss of a loved one much like humans do, and Greka was no exception. Their capacity for deep emotions and empathy is profound. González noticed that Greka couldn’t tear her gaze away from the photo of her mother, prominently displayed at home as a tribute.

For González, the photo serves as a source of solace during this challenging time. “I feel my mother’s presence every time I embrace Greka or whenever she brings me her ball,” González shared. “Her love for my mother has united us, helping us endure this incredibly difficult journey.”

During a recent visit to the beach, González and Greka received a sign that Delvia was still watching over them from above. A white dove suddenly appeared, soaring into view as they stood gazing out over the sea, offering reassurance and comfort in their time of grief.

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