Heart of a Predator: Amazing Tales of Animals Saving Each Other

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In the wilderness, it is prey against predator there. Animals (usually) do not help each other and do not know each other. They are fighting for survival. In the domestic space, pets are the same. Your pet cat might not want to be connected to your newly adopted doggy. And your parrot could parrot may frighten the little cat.

Childhood television programs have popularized this theory of frienemy with Tom & Jerry and Tweety Bird and Sylvester of Looney Tune. It is a game of domination on the hierarchy of animals, not of friendship.

But the animals proved us wrong. This mentality is overcome and a lot of interspecies friends appear throughout life. Animals help other types of animals as well as their own. They reach others when they need it, without any prey, predators, companions, or enemies roles. We need to learn anything from the following animals and see them for what they really are – pet or factory animals – loving and intelligent creatures that deserve the same respect and chance of a happy life?

Heroes. Not just the people who wear uniforms or those in the life-saving profession. They live among us. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and shapes. And sometimes they are not even human.

There is a good chance you have already heard the story of Tara, the cat who came to rescue her human “brother” by fighting a roaming dog started running towards a child or the bear at the Budapest Zoo that saved a drowning bird in his enclosure; but these are just two of the hundreds of stories about animals that save lives. Everyday, remarkable animals become heroes when they save the lives of members of their own species, the lives of other species, and even people’s lives.

Each case of animal heroism helps to demonstrate how emotions and abilities of non-human animals are developed and shows that these creatures are much more like us than they are different.

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