Great Dane is not so happy when mom gets a new puppy, throws a hilarious tantrum


Dogs are are God’s gift to the world, there’s no doubt about it. There is no loyal creature as a dog is. And just like us, they all have their own unique personalities. With every new dog comes a new temperament, and as a result, these unique characteristics are what sets them apart from one another.

In the video bellow, the owner just brought a new puppy and she wants to capture the sweet moments they share together. However, it seems not everyone agrees for the puppy to be in the center of attention.

As the Great Dane sees his mom showering the new puppy with attention, he is filled with envy. The Great Dane is so jealous that he leaps up on his mom, begging to be loved just as much as the pup in her arms.

A hilarious sight you must see. The Great Dane putting his front paws on the mom was as if he was telling her ‘look at me please!’ However, the funniest part is there is a third dog present and he doesn’t seem to be jealous at all.

This just proves us there are no two dogs alike. They each have their own personalities and that’s what makes them so unique.