After a lifetime in chains dog cries during rescue


Dogs are extremely affectionate beings. These pure creatures offer nothing except unconditional love and loyalty to humans. However, they often receive mistreatment in return. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more so-called owners treat their dogs just like they’re some sort of disposable objects, or even worst!

With countless pups that find themselves in this heartbreaking situation, it is just impossible for the rescue organizations to save them all. But at least they try! Fortunately, this adorable Fox Terrier is among those dogswho got a second chance, thanks to the efforts of some big-hearted guys.

Image credits Youtube/ Screenshot

When Victor Larkhill – the fonder of Let’s Adopt International, received a call of a dog found in desperate need of help, he just jumped into his car and drove there. Soon after he and his volunteers team arrived in the city of Cartel, Spain, where the poor dog was kept, they just couldn’t believed their eyes of what they’ve seen.

Image credits Youtube/ Screenshot

Shortly after they stepped into the location, the rescue team spotted the pup. She was sitting next to a wall, in chains. With his fur matted all over, it was clear that this helpless soul was totally ignored by her heartless owners. As this wasn’t already enough, the poor little thing had a pretty big tumor that made it impossible for her to sit.

Image credits Youtube/ Screenshot

But despite all of this mistreatment she got, this angel was so friendly with Victor and his team. Just like she knew they’re here to save her. When Victor approached her, you could easily the kindness in her eyes. She immediately started to lick her savior’s hand and wagging her tail.

Image credits Youtube/ Screenshot

If anyone can even imagine this, the poor little thing didn’t have a name. Not to mention, she was kept in chains since she a few months old puppy. So the first thing the rescuers did was to remove the chains off his neck and gave her a name. They called her Maria. The dog reaction when realizing she’s finally free is truly heartbreaking. She just started to cry – an overwhelming moment for everyone. Have a look:

Maria was then taken to a veterinarian clinic, where she had her tumor removed. Now she’s on her way to recover. All thanks to these nice people at the Let’s Adopt International!

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