Gorilla reunited with the man that raised him after five years

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Many of you might heard of John Damian Androcles Aspinall. He is an English multimillionaire  with a great fond of animals, especially gorillas. Known as the world’s most famous conservationist, Mr. Aspinall runs The Aspinall Foundation

The organization plays a big role in the gorilla’s species protection. Their job is to help reintroduce captive gorillas back into their natural habitats by taking them from a Howletts Wild Animal Park in England, where they’re bred, and transporting them to their massive reserve in Africa, Little Things reports.

So Mr. Aspinall have seen hundreds of gorillas released into the wild. However, one of them will always be into his heart. The businessman raised a a zoo-bred lowland gorilla, named Kwibi since he was five. Then, in 2005  Kwibi was released into the forests of Gabon (West Africa) where he belongs.

The time passed by and there were almost five years since Kwibi and Aspinall have seen each other. So, the man decided to pay a visit to his old friend. Kwibi would be 10 years old now and much more stronger. Therefore, Aspinall was a bit worried about how he would react when he would see him again.

After hours of search into the jungle, they finally spot Kwibi. And you won’t believe your eyes when you see the gorilla’s reaction though. Check out their touching reunion here:

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