Golden retriever is perplexed after finding tiny kitten taking up his bed in sweet viral video

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People often stereotype cats and dogs as natural enemies, as reflected in expressions like “fighting like cats and dogs.” While it’s not entirely accurate—many pet owners happily coexist with both cats and dogs, finding them to be best friends—other pets can still have their disagreements.

Take, for instance, a golden retriever and a tiny kitten. They recently had a humorous and adorable standoff over a doggy bed, and the whole incident was caught on video. This viral clip has garnered over 37 million views.

Meet Bailey, the golden retriever, who has his own popular YouTube channel with videos that have collectively been viewed over 333 million times.

Bailey seems utterly perplexed, particularly because the nonchalant kitten remains unfazed, refusing to yield even as the much larger dog attempts to reclaim his bed. Although Bailey never becomes overly aggressive toward the kitten, he does make a few attempts to lift and shake the bed, perhaps hoping the cat will catch on and relinquish the territory.

Bailey persists in trying to intimidate the kitten, but eventually, he opts for a different approach. He decides to join the kitten in the bed, realizing that perhaps there’s enough room for both of them after all.

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