Golden retriever always carried around beloved stuffed dog — until he was surprised with a real puppy

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Countless dogs have that one cherished toy they hold dear, refusing to part with it under any circumstance. Such was the scenario for an endearing golden retriever who was inseparable from his beloved stuffed dog.

Enter a heartwarming surprise captured in a viral video that changed everything.

Meet Molson, the golden retriever who was perpetually accompanied by his favored toy, a stuffed dog named Kelsie. As per People, Molson’s family gifted him the plush companion after he and his siblings went to different homes, and he swiftly formed a deep attachment to it.

Molson was never seen without his cherished toy, and it appeared as though the stuffed golden provided a sense of companionship akin to that with other dogs.

In response, his family made a decision to give him something even more special than his beloved stuffed animal — a new puppy sister!

The Deverys, Molson’s family from Maui, Hawaii, captured the heartwarming moment when they surprised their canine companion with the newest addition to the family, a puppy named Posie, nestled in a laundry basket.

Molson’s affection for the new arrival is instantaneous, prompting him to abandon his stuffed pup in favor of the real thing. Posie bears a striking resemblance to Kelsie, Molson’s stuffed animal, creating the enchanting illusion that his plush companion has sprung to life. Molson showers Posie with affection, peppering her with doggy kisses, all the while wagging his tail with excitement.

As per People magazine, Molson finds himself alone at times when his family is away at school or work, making the puppy a perfect companion for him.

The heartwarming TikTok video has quickly gained viral status, amassing over 2.3 million views and capturing the hearts of viewers everywhere. One commenter expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you for sharing this precious moment in Molson’s life. Absolutely beautiful.”

Another commented on the joy evident in Molson, saying, “Such happiness from that sweet boy! He’ll be the best big brother. No more loneliness when you are all gone. Best gift ever!”

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