German Shepherd Lives with Woman for Months, Then Man Shows Up & Dog’s Reaction Says It All

It’s not easy to be away from those you love, and us humans are not the only ones who experience these kinds of emotions. Dogs are also capable of feeling powerful emotions. What’s more, a dog’s perception of time is very different from the way we perceive the passing of hours. Even a day can seem like a week to them.
Of course, there’s no way of knowing just how much dogs miss us when we’re gone, but they do miss us every time we go away – even if it’s just for a few hours. And that’s easy to guess by their enthusiasm and joy they express every time their owners return.
The dog in the video below, for instance, hasn’t seen his owner for months, and his reaction is one that is likely to bring tears to your eyes. You see, the German Shepherd actually cried out in happiness when he realized his owner has come back, and it’s one of the most heartwarming reunions captured on video.
There is no doubt that the bond that forms between an owner and his or her dog is a truly special one, and this is just one more proof of that.

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