From Near Euthanasia to Forever Home: “Unicorn Dog” Finds Happiness with Loving Family

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Strawberry, a two-year-old Pit Bull with a unique bump on her head, captured hearts this week after overcoming a harrowing experience and finding a loving forever home. Affectionately nicknamed the “Unicorn Dog” for her horn-like bump, Strawberry’s story highlights the resilience of animals and the power of second chances.

Strawberry’s journey began rough. Found wandering the streets, she arrived at a shelter in neglectful condition, carrying the distinctive bump on her forehead. Sadly, due to overcrowding and limited resources, she faced being euthanized. Thankfully, the La Belle Foundation, a Los Angeles-based rescue organization, intervened.

“We saw Strawberry’s picture and knew we had to save her,” shared Laura Labelle, the foundation’s founder. “The bump scared some people away, but we learned it was just scar tissue from an old injury, completely harmless.”

Strawberry thrived under La Belle’s care, blossoming into a playful and affectionate dog. They shared her story online, capturing the hearts of animal lovers with the hashtag #SaveTheUnicornDog.

Enter the Kuhlman family, residents of South Pasadena, California. Deeply moved by Strawberry’s story, they knew they had to meet her. “We lost our beloved dog of 15 years recently,” shared Kristen Kuhlman, “and seeing Strawberry online felt like a sign.”

The connection was instant. The Kuhlmans welcomed Strawberry into their home, showering her with love and affection. Today, Strawberry enjoys a life filled with cuddles, playtime with her new dog sibling, and plenty of attention on her daily walks.

“She’s a delight,” says Jack Kuhlman, one of Kristen’s children. “We forget all about the bump because she’s so full of personality.”

Strawberry’s story serves as a powerful reminder: never underestimate the potential for happiness, even for animals facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. It also shines a light on the incredible work of animal shelters and rescue organizations like La Belle Foundation, who fight tirelessly to give second chances to deserving animals.

So, the next time you see a stray or hear about an animal in need, remember Strawberry. Be it a donation, a volunteer effort, or simply sharing their story, every little bit can make a world of difference for an animal waiting for their forever home.

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