Father-son duo’s revolutionary beehive design helped to create 51,000 new bee colonies

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Fortunately, in the last couple of years people started to realize the huge importance of the bees and the crucial role these tiny, hard workers have on the ecosystems around the world. However, that doesn’t excluded the bees, from the endangered species long list. Yet, at least!

Recently, the bees have been declared the most important living beings on this planet. And while right now, we all tend to be aware of their crucial importance, these father-son duo realized that, about a decade ago. And since then, Stuart and Cedar Anderson tried to figure out how to harvest honey and in the same time to protect these incredible creatures. And they finally did it, in 2015.

This is how Flow Five was born. A revolutionary invention that helps these two beekeepers in Nimbin, a rural community in Australia, to harvest the honey without putting the bees at risk. And that is no all. Their brilliant idea turned out to be an extremely successfully business around the world. In less than four years, this unique beehive design helped to create more than 50, 000 new bee colonies. That’s around a 10% increase of the world’s bee population.

According to Cedar Andersen, around 51,000 of these revolutionary beehives, have been shipped to 150 different countries around the world. A true conservationist, Cedar said they decide to donate the profits.

“We’re proud to have donated 100% of profits from the sale of our Flow Pollinator House to nine local grassroots pollinator projects in Australia and the United States that are at work protecting wild habitats all around the world,” Cedar Anderson said.

“Pollinators need large areas of habitat to flourish—the more we can do to protect and conserve native habitats, the more opportunities these tiny environmental champions will have to do their important work,” the beekeeper added.

Watch the video bellow to see how Flow Five works!

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